Recruitment Event FAQs

1. Why should I attend an Elite recruitment summit?

The objective of attending is to make the most of your contact with company representatives and, depending on the event you are participating, of securing the maximum interviews possible during the forum, in order to maximize the probabilities of being hired.

2. I would like to attend one of the recruitment events. What should I do?

For each event the registration is individual and should be made online as soon as possible. Registration to one event does not imply the registration to other events. If candidates would like to register for more than one forum, candidates must register separately for each event.

3. Can anyone attend?

No, attendance is by invitation only. Invitations are personal and not transferable, and will be sent by email.

4. Is it free to attend?

Yes. However, please note that any related costs, such as transport and accommodation in the city where the event will take place, are each candidate’s full responsibility since the whole process up until the forum and your entry are completely free of charge. Look at your attendance as an investment in your career!

5. What are the attendance requirements?

Local nationality (Angolan or Mozambican, depending on the event which you would like to register) and at least one of the following requirements:

  • Degree holders – BA or MA (recently graduated or about to complete studies in 2013)
  • Technical and vocational course graduates
  • Professionals of any field

6. How does the selection process work?

Elite recruitment consultants do a CV pre-screening and select candidates according to participating companies’ requirements and needs. Suitable CVs are sent to the companies who will select the candidates they would like to interview at the summits. Finally, the invitation is sent to selected candidates and we schedule the interviews. 

7. I have registered in a summit but I do not know where it is. What do I do?

Information about summit location is confidential and provided by email only to selected candidates.

8. Can I register in as many summits as I would like?

Yes, as long as you fulfil the attendance requirements and, if you are invited to attend, you are able to travel to the cities where the summits will take place.

9. I received an invitation to a summit for which I have registered. Can I attend any of the three-day-event?

Congratulations! You are already giving your first steps in which we hope is very successful professional career. To maximize your chances, we recommend that you attend the summit you have been invited to every day. This way, in addition to the scheduled interviews, you will have the chance of interacting with the participating companies key decision makers and of attending their company presentations.

10. I received an invitation only for the day of the summit to which I have registered. Why?

Some of our events separate attending dates by professional experience level: newly graduates and experienced professionals. The invitation date reflects your professional profile. In these occasions we ask you to attend only on the day which you have been invited. Unfortunately, if you attend on a different day you will not have access to the summit.

11. What activities take place during the summits?

Elite summits are very interactive – they include:

  • Networking with company delegates and other candidates present at the event
  • Scheduled interviews (applicable to some events only)
  • Interviews booked at the event (applicable to some events only)
  • Company presentations by participating companies
  • Elite workshops with our senior consultants and a prestigious guest

12. What should I prepare before attending the summits?

You must check our website to obtain information about the participating companies. Spend some time researching, try to find out the maximum you can about which companies interest you the most, their operations, projects and objectives.

It is also essential to take several copies of your CV to supply the companies present. Although it is not mandatory, we advise you to bring copies of your CV in English too.

13. What should I wear?

Elite’s summits are of a professional nature; therefore we expect formal clothing throughout the event. Suit and tie are optional, but we do not advise casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirts and trainers. Please note that candidates wearing inappropriate clothing will not be allowed to enter.

14. I would like to make a referral. What should I do?

Any candidate interested must register on our website. 

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