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Recruitment Events

We provide a variety of recruitment events carefully designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our unique solutions mean that all participants receive a step-by-step schedule of their activities and meetings, maximising their candidate interview time at our events. Candidates and companies meet, talk, interview and network together with many candidates receiving multiple offers of employment both on the spot and throughout the months following the events.


Recruitment Summits

Our international recruitment summits are focused, carefully managed, invitation only career events. They bring companies together with handpicked candidates in a prestigious venue for networking, company presentations and pre-scheduled interviews. Typically we organise and manage over 1,500 interviews over a two-day period.


Recruitment Forums

Our Recruitment Forums are the perfect opportunity to provide companies with access to the very best selected candidates in a local market.

These managed invitation only events are organised within country and provide an optimal platform for companies to publicise themselves as a local Employer of Choice. Over a two-day period, companies will be have access to more than 1,000 candidates providing them with a unique opportunity to meet the very best local talent and create a comprehensive database to fill short, medium and long-term job vacancies.



The Benefits

- Meet top candidates under one roof

- Efficient process

- Candidates attend company presentations and understand career oportunities

- Unlimited recruitment

- Networking

- Maximum exposure to candidates

- Fixed fee

- Tailored participation

Our Clients